Milnor’s New X-Series Industrial Washers

Pellerin Milnor is pleased to announce the new features available on the X-Series suspended washer-extractor line.

The 60 lb. (27 kg) 30022 X8R, the 100 lb. (45 kg) 36026 X8R, the 140 lb. (63 kg) 42026 X7R, and 170 lb. (77 kg) 42032 X7R now feature the enhanced Mil Touch-EX™ touch screen control, which allows the user complete access to the machine’s function at every level and wash/rinse step (within safety limits). The MilTouch-EX™ control can be interfaced with specialized options such as metered water and integrated reuse tanks.

And, Milnor is now offering RinSave® water saver software standard on this product line. RinSave reduces up to 2 rinse steps, saving water, energy, and time without compromising wash/rinse quality.

The X-Series also features a four-point dynamically tuned SmoothCoil™ suspension, which allows for a more compact design and reduces maintenance. The washer’s cylinder features tall ribs for enhanced M.A.F. (Mechanical Action Factor) and superior open area which promotes greater interchange of chemistry and water in the load.