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Why Open A Laundromat?

20-35% Average Return on Investment

Nearly 94.8% Success Rate

Low Labor Cost

Flexible Lifestyle

*Data from the Coin Laundry Association (CLA)


Laundry Made Simple

We offer more than just state-of-the-art equipment, we provide comprehensive
support throughout your entire laundromat venture.


Unlock location potential with our comprehensive location analysis. Get vital insights on competition, demographics, and revenue projections.

Equipment &

We offer recommendations for store design, equipment mix and layout, project manage the install process and define amenities to enhance your laundromat

Operations &

Provide equipment service and support, establish internal processes, and actively promote the location before, during, and after the grand opening


We provide an Operations Manual and create a tailored Marketing Toolkit for continued promotion of your business


It's Easy To Get Started

We evaluate 4 key quantitative variables to analyze properties before we bring you recommendations. These factors will help us understand how much total earning potential the location has to understand the viability. We do this by analyzing:



Demographic analysis helps determine the target audience for your laundromat start-up. This allows you to ensure that you have enough clientele in the area. This is vital to the success of most businesses, and that includes laundromats. Having an expert analysis of the economic situation, demographic make-up, and a proven models for successful laundromats is the first step of starting a laundromat.


Location Analysis

We will help analyze the factors of the potential laundromat that you can’t always examine on a piece of paper. For example, are there other laundromats in the areas? If so, how close are they to your new location? How does the laundromat sit in relation to main streets, turning lanes, or other physical barriers? In addition to this, we can understand the success of other laundromats in the area and other key aspects of having a successful location.

Taking competition, traffic flow, and other considerations into account is essential when selecting a new laundromat location. Our location analysis considers all these factors and presents you with an easy-to-understand summary.


Floor Plan Design

How can we maximize revenue of your floor space! We need to avoid pinch points, include the correct number of folding tables, and understand the equipment mix that best suits the location and footprint of the land.

The layout of the washers, dryers, and folding tables in your laundromat affects the workflow of your customers. Slower workflow makes for poor customer experiences, and can reduce your profitability. Start your laundromat off on the right foot by optimizing your floor plan.


Revenue Projections

After taking all the quantitative and qualitative factors of the proposed or current laundromat, we can define what your revenue projections should be. This combines the math and our experience into one number.

The revenue project for starting your own laundromat is probably the most important line in your business proposal. Finding the right demographics, location, and floor plan all factor into this number. 

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