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Commercial & Industrial Washer and Dryer Sales

Equipment International has your Niles Industrial Laundry Equipment Solutions

With sales and service in Niles and the surrounding area, Equipment International is the clear winner for all your commercial and industrial laundry equipment needs. In addition to being local authorized dealers for brand names like ADC, Milnor, and Chicago Dryer, we are a full-service laundry equipment shop, complete with a trusted repair team as well as an extensive inventory of parts for all common makes and models.

At Equipment International, we deal with clients from many different industries – medical, hotels, food and beverage, and countless others. As such, our staff knows that every company faces a different set of laundry challenges and providing the top notch service we’ve become known for requires an open ear to truly understand how we can help our clients. Both our staff and the equipment we sell are truly first class.

Niles Industrial Laundry Services

Even a single new piece of laundry equipment can greatly change your workflow. As such, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will examine your particular situation and offer recommendations to improve your laundry process. Equipment International is about much more than equipment sales – we want the commercial washers, dryers, and finishers you buy to fit your business and become part of your continued success.

Industrial Washing Machines

Finding the right industrial or commercial washing machine can be difficult, but our staff is happy to help guide you through the process. Whether your Niles business needs high volume batch extraction, a simple 25 pound tunnel washer, or a complex piece of machinery suited for the high demands of the medical industry, we’ll address all your concerns and identify the right washing machine. You’ll be able to choose between divided or open pocket cylinders, various controller types, and different suspension options.

Niles Industrial Washers and Dryers

Choosing the wrong commercial dryer in Niles can disrupt your ability to get laundry tasks finished on time. As such, we only recommend using either Milnor or American Dryer Corp as your manufacturer of choice. We have full lines for both, with load capacities starting at 22 pounds and reaching up to 464 pounds for high-volume customers.

Niles Industrial Flatwork Finishers

For our Niles clients that have larger-than-normal laundry equipment needs, many have found that a complete Chicago Dryer flatwork finishing system can be a true game changer. As top shelf pieces of laundry equipment, these finishers can take much of the manual work out of the laundry process, including folding, ironing, and drying with full feeding and separation abilities.

Scheduled Maintenance in Niles

While the high quality of our laundry equipment means that repair is rarely necessary, it gives many of our customers peace of mind to know that our service and repair team is at the ready should a problem occur. As talented experts for all types of washers, dryers, finishers, and other equipment, our team will investigate the issue, offer a solution, and get your business back on its feet.

Niles Laundry Equipment Repair

At Equipment International when working in Niles, we pride ourselves on the long-term connections we make with our customers and enjoy being a component of their success. During scheduled maintenance visits, our team is able to see not only how your laundry equipment is performing, but also how your business is growing and can offer optimization or scaling advice. Our thorough maintenance programs will address both the present state of your laundry operation and future issues that you may encounter.


Niles Commercial Laundry Equipment Parts

Equipment International uses a holistic approach to laundry equipment, which means that we want all your bases to be covered. As such, we’ve built up an impressive inventory of parts and serve as a local distributor for all major brands. When you order a new or replacement part from our warehouse, we have plenty of shipping, pick-up and Niles area delivery options to choose from.


Pellerin Milnor Corporation

Commercial Washers and Dryers by MilnorFor 65 years Milnor has been producing world-class industrial washer machinery. Since being founded in 1947 in Louisiana, Milnor has led the market in industrial washer technology. Their innovations over the years are a large part of the reason the industry has been able to reach automation.

Chicago Dryer Corporation

Commercial Dryers, Folders, Separators and Ironers by Chicago Dryer Company100 years of excellence. What initially started as a manufacturer of washers and dryers, Chicago Dryer Company has grown to become the world’s standard for flatwork finishing equipment. Chicago Dryer offers the widest range of linen or laundry folders, separators, ironers, and feeders in the world.

American Dryer Corporation

Industrial Washers by American Dryer CorpAmerican Dryer Corporation, or ADC, is the leading industrial drying solution. Their dedication to innovation and engineer-driven design sets them apart as the leader in dryer efficiency, reliability, and serviceability. Since being established in the 1960’s, ADC has grown to serve dryers to over 90 countries.