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Commercial Dryers, Folders, Separators and Ironers by Chicago Dryer CompanyTop Quality Industrial Laundry Finishing Equipment

When it comes to providing top quality industrial laundry flatwork finishing systems to meet your needs, Equipment International has you covered. Their 100 years of experience serving the Chicagoland metro area, Indiana, and northern Illinois as the exclusive distributor of Chicago Dryer flatwork feeding, ironing, and folding equipment makes them nothing short of customer approved. With Equipment International quality service meets quality products. The Chicago Dryer line not only offers the world’s largest range of separating, feeding, ironing, and folding equipment, but the brand also specializes in linen handling equipment for commercial laundries of all sizes. No matter how many pounds of linens you need to finish per week – weather hundreds, thousands, or millions- the Chicago Dryer Company’s line offers the solution you’ve been looking for, and we’d love to help!

Flatwork Finishing Is Their Only Business

Chicago Dryer specializes in efficiency, knowledge, dedication, innovation and creativity to deliver only the best quality flatwork finishing systems. Their systems offer a wide range of tasks including feeding, drying, ironing, and folding. Weather your linens include pillow cases, sheets, table linens, towels, hospital gowns, scrubs, blankets, or other specialty items Chicago has just the solution you need. The Chicago team of

designers are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to meet the needs of its users. Not only can you expect quality but with Chicago Dryer Company you can also expect expertise and dedication making them your go to for commercial laundry flatwork finishing solutions.

Why Choose Chicago Dryer Finishers and Equipment International?

From start to finish Chicago not only designs, but also fabricates all of its own products. As one of the few equipment manufacturers in the world that take on both aspects of business (both design and fabrication), Chicago prides itself on its ability to offer additional standard features, quickly respond to change in a customer’s needs, competitive pricing, and single source responsibility for all of their products.

Commercial Laundry Folding Equipment

As with anything, it’s important to finish strong. The last step in your finishing process is just as important as the first and deserves equal quality for accurate and consistent folding of tumble dried or ironed items. For a large piece folder including sheets, tablecloths, and blankets turn to the Skyline large piece folder series. This series includes well over 40 unique models of commercial folders for you to choose from. Many include graphical touchscreen controls for easy operation.

Also offered, are smaller fold and stack solutions including Aircumulator Carousel and the Flipper for quality folding of smaller items such as wipes, washcloths, and towels.

For an all-in-one solution to finish a wide range of items of varies sizes look to the Air Chicago French folder series. This series uses air induced response to accurately fold linens of a variety of sizes.

Product Spec Sheets
Skyline Spec SheetSkyline SP Spec Sheet
Air Chicago Spec SheetFlipper Spec Sheet
Aircumulator Carousel Spec Sheet
Industrial Laundry Ironing Machines

When it comes to Chicago Dryer, you can expect only the best as they offer the world’s largest range of gas, steam, thermal fluid, and electrically heated commercial iron equipment. Each of their ironers provides superior performance through its precise burner control, reliability, and efficiency- not to mention substantial floor space savings.

All of our offered irons are ETL or ASME certified including all Comet, Laser, and Imperial cylinder irons. This certification insures consistent ironing temperature and compliance with local code and insurance regulations. Whether you are looking for high production models such as a thermal fluid model or smaller commercial ironers using electricity, we can help!

Product Spec Sheets
Combination Flatwork Finishers

In addition to offering the largest range of iron equipment, Chicago also offers the world’s largest range of all-in-one flatwork finishing units. Units are offered in a variety of roll diameter and lengths to better meet your needs for production and floor space.

Considered the industry’s fastest and most advanced one piece finishing system is the CroStar 36 Luxury Line Finisher. Used primarily for processing bed and table linens, it also offers an optional built in one-person loading and two or four lane small piece folding.

Only have a limited floor space? Our combination finishing equipment is designed with you in mind for commercial laundry facilities with limited floor space and the need for quality linen production.

Product Spec Sheets
Industrial Linen Separating Machines

With Chicago industrial linen separating machines, operators no longer have the need to bend and detangle linens thus, dramatically increasing their pieces per operator hour. As the first company to automate the shaking and detangling of linens, Chicago is one step ahead of the rest.

Each of their machines are specifically designed to meet the needs of a variety of facility needs including size, linen types, and capacity.

Product Spec Sheets
Industrial Laundry Feeding Machines

Looking to cut manual labor without cutting quality? With the Chicago patented Edge serious automatic spreader/feeder line you can! Their Edge, King Edge, and Edge Maxx series spread and feed faster while reducing manual labor.

Chicago Dryer linen feeders work seamlessly with other Chicago Dryer finishing equipment to speed up and simplify your finishing processes.

Product Spec Sheets
Edge See Spec SheetEdge Maxx See Spec Sheet
King Edge Spec SheetBlanket Blaster Spec Sheet
Industrial Laundry Finishing Technology

When it comes to technology, Chicago leads the way. As one of the few finishing equipment manufactures in the world that both designs and fabricates its own products, Chicago brings both innovation and quality to each of their machines. Chicago offers state of the art integrated systems and touch screen controls to provide you only the best flatwork machines.

From detecting stains and tears to production data, Chicago Dryer technology keeps you in total control of your industrial laundry facility.

Product Spec Sheets
CHI-VisionStain, Tear and Hole Detection See Spec Sheet
CHI-TouchEquipment Control TechnologySee Spec Sheet
CHI-TracProduction Data Reporting

Chicago Dryer Service and Maintenance

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