Chicago Flatwork Finishing Machines

Commercial Dryers, Folders, Separators and Ironers by Chicago Dryer CompanyWhy Use Flatwork Finishing Machines?

Laundry flatwork finishers are the latest step towards completely automated industrial laundry facilities. Especially popular in industries that handle large volumes of flatwork linens such as; hotels, hospitals, and institutional facilities. Flatwork finishers increase the production of your laundries and cut down on labor costs by automating the separation, ironing and folding of flatwork linen.

Why Choose Equipment International for Your Flatwork Finisher Needs?

If your company is located in Chicago, NW Indiana, or Northern Illinois and works with sheets, tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases, blankets, hospital gowns, or other common flatwork pieces – the Equipment International is here for you.

Equipment International is an exclusive dealer of Chicago Dryer’s line of industrial laundry finishing equipment. Chicago Dryer has been the premium manufacturer of flatwork finishing equipment for the past 100 years. No one knows more about flatwork finishing than Chicago Dryer, and no one builds better flatwork finishers than Chicago Dryer. No one.

Flatwork Finishing Machine Types:

  • Laundry Ironing Machines
  • Linen and Towel Folding
  • Laundry Feeding Machines
  • Linen Separating Machines
  • Combination Flatwork Finishers
Industrial Laundry Ironing Machines

Chicago Dryer offers the world’s widest range of gas, thermal fluid, steam, and electrically heated ironers.

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Commercial Laundry Folding Equipment

The last step in the finishing process is accurate, crisp, and consistent folding of ironed or tumble dried items.

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Combination Flatwork Finishers

Chicago offers the widest range of “all-in-one” flatwork finishing units in a variety of roll diameters & lengths.

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Industrial Linen Separating Machines

Chicago is the first U.S. Company to automate the physically demanding job of pulling and shaking sheets apart by hand.

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Industrial Laundry Feeding Machines

Chicago’s series of automatic spreader/feeders offers labor-saving solutions for the accurate transition into flatwork ironing and/or folding equipment.

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Industrial Laundry Finishing Technology

From touch screen control to integrated system wide data accumulation, Chicago’s cutting edge technology keeps you connected.

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Laundry Finishing Equipment Financing 

By working with multiple lending partners, we can help you find the right financing for your industrial flatwork finishing equipment.

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Commercial Finishing Equipment Parts

We are the top provider in the Chicago and NW Indiana area for industrial flatwork finishing equipment parts.

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Flatwork Finishing Equipment Sales 

Equipment International offers a full line of commercial folders, sorters, ironers, and other flatwork finishing equipment.

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Flatwork Finishing Service Plans

We offer various maintenance plans to all of our clients in the Chicago and NW Indiana area for finishing equipment and machines.

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Commercial Dryers, Folders, Separators and Ironers by Chicago Dryer Company100 years of excellence. What initially started as a manufacturer of washers and dryers, Chicago Dryer Company has grown to become the world’s standard for flatwork finishing equipment. Chicago Dryer offers the widest range of linen or laundry folders, separators, ironers, and feeders in the world.

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